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The precedence of the Royal Burgh of Perth in the roll of Scottish burghs was legally clarified in 1804 by confirmation that, by virtue of its Royal Charters and their ratification by Act of Parliament, the burgh was entitled to precedence second only to Edinburgh. The Act of 1617 by King James VI had ordained that constables were to be chosen throughout the country, and that in burghs or Free Cities the constables were to be chosen by the magistrates. The duties over the next two hundred years were far removed from those with which we would associate 'constables' today. By 1829, constables were under the administration of the burgh's Commissioners for Paving and Lighting.

In 1829, the Commissioners appointed an efficient police force within the city, under the charge of a Superintendent. The following year, the former constables were re-nominated 'High Constables', with their Chief Officer as Moderator. On 4 January 1830, 'Instructions and Regulations for the Society of High Constables of the City of Perth by The Lord Provost, Magistrates and Council' were made and filed in the records of Perth Town Council. These Regulations are reproduced on a separate page of this website. The history of the Society of High Constables of the City of Perth therefore starts in 1830.

On 6 September 1842, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visited Perth, and here the recently formed Society of High Constables served for the first time in a major role as a ceremonial guard. Ever since, the Society have provided an escort/Guard of honour for Royal visits. They also provide an escort of the Provost and Councillors of Perth and Kinross, not only in the City but throughout the County, at the request of the Provost.


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